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This page is created to present various rules related with train ticket reservation, ticket cancellation, advance period of reservation, train boarding, train enquiry, Tatkal reservation, up-gradation of tickets, change in travel plan, circular journey rules, reserving special carriage, booking luggage, special facilities in trains, advance reservation through internet, refund rules, and rail travel concession rules. Please check the official website of Indian Railways for any changes in theses rules.

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Summary Of New Rules for Cancellation and Refund of Railway Tickets

Indian Railways have ammended certain provisions of Railway Passengers (Cancellation of tickets and refund of fare) Rules with effect from 12.11.2015 and comprehensive Railway Passengers (Cancellation of tickets and refund of fare) Rules 2015 have been notified through Gazette Notification G.S.R. 836(E), Dated 04.11.2015. READ FURTHER

Current Booking | Rules For Booking After Charting

Indian Railways has recently decided to allow the passengers to book tickets even after chart preparation. Guidelines to be followed for booking such tickets are given below. READ FURTHER

General Rules And Guidelines for SUVIDHA Trains

Indian Railways has started the facility of SUVIDHA trains for the benefit of passengers who want to travel at short notice. Essential guidelines for such trains are given below. READ FURTHER

Indian Railways To Revise Child Fare Rule

According to a Press Release, Ministry of Railways has decided to revise the child fare rule who want reserved seat/ berth in Indian Railways. Under the revised provision, full adult fare will be charged for children of age 5 years and above but under 12 years of age for whom berth/ seat (in reserved class) is sought at the time of reservation. READ FURTHER

Rules For Online Booking Of Retiring Room

There are certain terms and conditions for online booking of retiring rooms through IRCTC Tourism. These are..READ FURTHER

Indian Railways New Refund Rules

In a major move to help the genuine passengers and to plug the scope of misuse of ticketing activity (Black-Marketing of Tickets) by Touts/ Agents and unscrupulous elements, the Ministry of Railways has further amended its refund rules and has notified under the title Railway Passengers (Cancellation of Ticket and Refund of Fare) Rules, 2015. READ FURTHER

Indian Railways Break Journey Rules

Indian Railways allows holders of single journey tickets for distance of more than 500 km (actual distance) to break journey once for two days at any station en-route. This facility can be availed only after travelling 500 km from the starting station. If ticket is for more than 1000 km, passenger will be allow to break journey twice. READ FURTHER

Indian Railways | Circular Journey Tickets

If you wish to go on a pilgrimage or sightseeing trip to many destinations, Indian Railways provides the facility of booking Circular Journey Tickets. These tickets offer you unique travel flexibility, as they are issued for all journeys (other than regular routes), which begin and complete at the same station. READ FURTHER

IRCTC Indian Railways Refund Rules

There are certain unavoidable situations when one is not able to perform the scheduled journey and hence seek for the refund of money spent on buying the train ticket. In most cases, if train tickets are surrendered for cancellation within prescribed time limits, refunds can be obtained across the counter. READ FURTHER

Rules For Advance Train Reservation & Cancellation Through IRCTC

Indian Railways and IRCTC have developed a system for advance booking of Rail tickets as well as cancellation of booked tickets through Internet. The Web site for online booking is www. The process of booking an E-Ticket is easy and convenient. Registration on the website is free. READ FURTHER

Rules Regarding Change in Travel Plan

The date of journey on Confirmed/ RAC/ waitlisted tickets can be preponed or postponed in the same/ higher class or for the same destination on payment of prescribed charges. This facility can be availed only once, irrespective of whether the accommodation available is Reserved or RAC or Waitlisted. READ FURTHER

Tatkal Reservation Rules

Tatkal Reservation Scheme was initially introduced by Indian Railways in December, 1997 for providing reservation to those passengers who have to undertake journey at short notice and to save such passengers from the clutches of unscrupulous elements/ touts. Initially this scheme was available only in around 110 trains and mainly in Sleeper Class. READ FURTHER

Rules For Boarding A Train With Un-Reserved Ticket

Some time, we are required to travel at short notice and we are not able to get even Tatkal ticket. In such situations, we buy unreserved ticket from railway ticket counters and start our journey. READ FURTHER

Rules For Upgradation Of A Ticket

With a view to optimize the utilisation of available accommodation in train, a scheme to upgrade full-fare paying passengers to the higher class without any extra charge against the available vacant accommodation is available in almost Mail/ Express trains. READ FURTHER

Advance Period Of Reservation

Indian Railways offers the facility to book train tickets from any originating station to any destination (subject to distance restrictions and availability of quotas) at any of the 3252 Computerised Reservation Centres, across the country. READ FURTHER

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