PNR stands for PASSENGER NAME RECORD. The PNR number is given at the top left corner of the ticket. It is a record in the database of Computer Reservation System (CRS) of Indian Railways which contains the details about the journey of a passenger or group of passenger travelling together.

To know the IRCTC PNR STATUS and find the current status of your booked ticket, enter the PNR number in the following window. After entering the PNR number, you have to enter the SUM of two given numbers of captcha into a box which is below the PNR number. If you are not able to read the code, then refresh the code to get new code. After entering the code, click "Get Status" button. The information about the current position of the ticket will be shown in a tabular form.

Please note that PNR status is generally updated near the journey date, generally two or three days before actual departure date. If your ticket is upgraded from waiting/ RAC to confirmed position, then it will show only CNF, no coach number or berth number will be shown. However, you will receive a SMS on your registered mobile about coach number and berth number after the chart has been prepared.

Through the same window, you can also enquire about Train Between Important Stations, Seat Availability, Fare Enquiry, Internet Reservation, Reserved Train Schedule, Current Booking Availability, Train Berth Availability, Availability at Major Stations etc.

PNR status can also be found by logging into IRCTC account. After logging into IRCTC account, click on "Booked Ticket History" available at the right-side of the screen. A new screen will appear where list of all the recently booked tickets is shown in a tabular form. From this list, select the desired ticket and click on "Get PNR Status" button which is given just below the list. You can also perform other tasks from the same screen such as "Cancel Ticket", "Print e-Ticket" and "Get SMS". 



A ticket has two numbers, first number gives the position when booking was initiated, and the second number gives the current position, after getting the ticket booked.

For example, WL10/WL8 indicates that you initiated the booking at position WL10, and got the ticket booked at WL8. This may be due cancellation of some tickets or due to actual booking not taking place.

When you check your PNR status, the first number will remain the same but the second number will change till your ticket is confirmed. This may be like as shown below.
  • WL10/WL8
  • WL10/WL7
  • WL10/WL1
  • WL10/RAC2
  • WL10/CNF
Please note that you cannot board train on wait listed (WL) e-ticket. However, you can board train on wait listed ticket provided you have got the ticket from Indian Railway booking counter.

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