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Latest News & Notifications By IRCTC and Indian Railways

This page is dedicated to the latest announcements and notifications made by IRCTC and Indian Railways. Visitors of are advised to check this page frequently to keep themselves updated about latest announcements such as special trains, festival trains, summer special trains, diverted and cancelled trains, fog affected trains, newly introduced trains, changes in reservation and other railway rules.

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Charbagh Railway Station, Lucknow


Relief to Railway Employees During The Month Of Ramdhan

As per circular No.2017/35/G/1, Dated 30.05.2017, Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) has notified that those Muslim employees who keep fast and are required to travel long distances to reach their homes, may be allowed to leave the office early during the holy month of Ramdhan, wherever possible

Full/ Half Concession in Train Tickets to Unemployed Youth

According to a press release, Indian Railways has decided to grant full concession in second class and 50% concession in sleeper class in the basic fares of Mail/ Express trains to unemployed youths up to 35 years to appear in interviews. READ FURTHER

Facilities For Differently Abled Passengers By Railways

Indian Railways is always trying to provide best facilities to its passengers at Railway Stations and in the trains also. Provision/ augmentation of amenities at stations, including those for Physically Handicapped and differently abled passengers is a continuous process. READ FURTHER

Allotment Of Berths Under Physically Handicapped Quota

As per the latest press release by Ministry Of Railways, dated 26 November, 2015, effort is being made to rationalize the booking of berths under Physically Handicapped Quota with a View To Ensure Optimum Utilization of such berths. READ FURTHER 

Indian Railways Increase Minimum Chargeable Train Fare

Indian Railways has already increased the Platform Ticket Charges to Rs. 10. In order to make the train ticket fare at Par with the Platform Ticket Charges, Ministry of Railways has decided to Increase the Minimum Chargeable Fare. The minimum chargeable fare has now been increased from Rs. 5 to Rs. 10 for Non Suburban Services. READ FURTHER 

Railway Ticket Cancellation Charges Doubled

The Indian Railways has doubled the train ticket cancellation charges and it reduced the deadline to cancel wait-listed and RAC tickets to half an hour before the departure of the train. The changes will come into to effect from Thursday, 12th November, 2015. READ FURTHER 

Online Booking Of Retiring Room | IRCTC Tourism

Passengers having Confirmed/ RAC train tickets can make online booking of retiring room at originating and destination stations by visiting IRCTC Tourism website. READ FURTHER 

Book Train Tickets 30 Minutes Before Departure

As per the latest Press Release by Indian Railways, you can book a railway ticket online 30 minutes prior to the departure of a train w.e.f. 12th November, 2015. READ FURTHER 

IRCTC Pickup and Drop Facility Booking

Indian Railways have started the facility of online booking of cab, taxi, porter and coaches at major railway stations. This facility is available at selected railway stations to railway passengers having confirmed tickets. READ FURTHER 

IRCTC E-Wheelchair Booking

IRCTC has started the facility of booking E-Wheelchair online for sick, old, handicapped and needy passengers who have RAC/ confirmed or waitlisted train tickets. This facility is presently available at selected stations. Please note that there is no charge for E-Wheelchair. READ FURTHER 

Indian Railways Extends E-Catering Services To More Stations

As per Press Information released by Ministry Of Railways on 29.09.2015, Indian Railways had launched E-catering services through IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd.) with the objective to facilitate passengers to book meals of their choice on their seats on trains. READ FURTHER 

VIKALP - Alternate Train Accommodation Scheme  by IRCTC

According to a press note released by Indian Railways, a scheme called Alternate Train Accommodation Scheme – VIKALP is being introduced w.e.f. 01.11.2015 to provide confirmed accommodation to wait-listed passengers and also to ensure optimal utilisation of available accommodation. READ FURTHER 

Train Berth Under Senior Citizen Quota Enhanced

There is a good news from Indian Railways for person who come under the category of senior citizens, ladies passengers above the age of 45 and pregnant women travelling alone in trains. READ FURTHER 

Announcement Of Pre-Recorded Messages In Indian Railways

Pre-recorded announcements are made in trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express trains which have public address system. Presently, these announcements are made at the time of departure of train from the starting station/ intermediate station and also at the time of arrival of the train at intermediate station/ destination. READ FURTHER 

Hybrid Vacuum Toilets Developed By Indian Railways

Minister of Railways has declared in the 2015 Railway Budget Speech that Indian Railways is planning to fit Vacuum toilets on its trains. Vacuum toilets are specially used in aircrafts which evacuates its discharge into a bio-digester tank attached with it. READ FURTHER

Separate Line For Women At Railway Reservation Counters

Women get preferential treatment at various instances in our society. Buying train tickets while standing in a queue is one such instance. Women get preferential treatment at various instances in our society. Buying train tickets while standing in a queue is one such instance where Ministry of Railways has been providing special facilities to women passengers for conveniently buying train tickets at railway reservation counters. READ FURTHER 

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