Saturday, February 27, 2016

Railway Budget 2016-17 | Highlights And Important Announcements

Highlights Of The Railway Budget 2016-17

  • There is a good news for general public traveling by Indian Railways that no hike in passenger fare has been proposed in this year's Railway Budget.
  • To make reservation simple and hassle free, 65000 additional berths will be provided in different trains.
  • To solve the problem of drinking water, 2500 water vending machines will be provided at the stations.
  • To maintain cleanliness at the tracks, 17000 Bio-Toilets will be fitted in the trains.
  • To make the purchase of train tickets easy and less time taking, 1780 Automatic Ticket Vending Machines will be placed at the different places in the country.
  • The speed and capacity of online ticket booking will be increased from present 2000 tickets per minute to 7200 tickets per minute. This will support 120,000 users at the same time as against 40,000 earlier.
  • Wi-Fi facility to be provided to 400 more stations.
  • Lower berth quota for senior citizens and women to be increased.
  • To minimize the accidents at level crossings, it has been decided to finish 1000 unmanned level crossings.
  • Work on Dedicated Freight Corridor Project is to be completed on priority basis.
  • A plan size of Rs 121000 Crore has been proposed for 2016-17 railway budget. Railway expects to achieve 12.4% of Passenger Earnings Growth and Rs 117,933 Crore of Goods Earnings.
  • To eliminate head on collision of trains, TCAS (Train Collision Avoidance System) will be introduced in the next 3 years.
  • The average speed of mail/ express trains is to be increased by about 25 kmph.
  • Passenger trains to be replaced by DEMU/ MEMU trains.
  • To help old and disabled travelers, Sarathi Seva will be introduced at more and more stations.
  • Hourly booking of retiring rooms to be introduced instead of present minimum 12 hours.
  • New and enhanced amenities to be introduced in the coaches.
  • To conserve electricity, LED lighting will be introduced on a large scale.
  • To make train travel comfortable for common man, Antyodaya Express, a long distance superfast train will be introduced which will be fully unreserved.
  • To make unreserved train travel comfortable, two to four Deen Dayalu coaches will be added in some long distance trains.

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