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Train Schedule Of Some Fastest Northern Railway Trains

Following is the list of some of the fastest Northern Railway Trains run by Indian Railways. Please click on "Train Schedule" to get the schedule of a particular train.

Before starting your journey, please check the actual train timings from the Indian Railways websites or

S. No. Train No. Train Name Source Station Runs On Speed (km/h) Link
1 12002 BHOPAL SHTBDI NEW DELHI Daily 84 Train Schedule
2 12001 NDLS SHATABDI E HABIBGANJ Daily 83 Train Schedule
3 12004 LJN SWRAN SHTBD NEW DELHI Daily 78 Train Schedule
4 12433 RAJDHANI EXP CHENNAI FR SU 77 Train Schedule
6 12437 RAJDHANI EXP SECUNDERABAD WE 76 Train Schedule
7 12439 RNC NDLS RAJ EX RANCHI WE SA 77 Train Schedule
8 12440 NDLS RNC RAJ EX NEW DELHI MO FR 76 Train Schedule
9 12003 LJN SWRAN SHTBD LUCKNOW NE Daily 76 Train Schedule
10 12453 AUG KR RAJ EXP MUMBAI Daily 75 Train Schedule
11 12263 NZM DURONT EXP PUNE JN TU FR 76 Train Schedule
12 12438 NZM SC RJDHNI H NIZAMUDDIN SU 75 Train Schedule
13 12442 BILASPUR RJDHNI NEW DELHI TU SA 74 Train Schedule
14 12264 PUNE DURONT EX H NIZAMUDDIN MO TU 74 Train Schedule
15 22414 NZM MAO RAJ H NIZAMUDDIN FR SA 73 Train Schedule
16 12441 BSP NDLS RAJ EX BILASPUR JN MO TH 72 Train Schedule
17 12454 NDLS RNC RJDHNI NEW DELHI WE SA 71 Train Schedule
18 12013 AMRITSAR SHTBDI NEW DELHI Daily 71 Train Schedule
19 12014 AMRITSAR SHTBDI AMRITSAR JN Daily 71 Train Schedule
20 12032 AMRITSAR SHTBDI AMRITSAR JN TH 71 Train Schedule
21 12030 SWARNA SHTBDI AMRITSAR JN Except TH 71 Train Schedule
22 22413 NZM RAJDHANI MADGAON MO SU 71 Train Schedule
23 12046 CDG NDLS SHTBDI CHANDIGARH Except SU 71 Train Schedule
24 12031 AMRITSAR SHTBDI NEW DELHI TH 69 Train Schedule
25 12029 SWARNA SHTBDI NEW DELHI Except TH 69 Train Schedule
26 12045 NDLS CDG SHTBDI NEW DELHI Except SU 69 Train Schedule
27 12431 RAJDHANI EXP TRIVANDRUM TU TH FR 68 Train Schedule
29 12015 AJMER SHTBDI NEW DELHI Daily 67 Train Schedule
30 22406 ANVT BGP G RATH ANAND VIHAR T MO WE FR 66 Train Schedule
31 22410 ANVT GARIB RATH GAYA JN SU 66 Train Schedule
32 12005 KALKA SHTBDI NEW DELHI Daily 65 Train Schedule
33 12011 KALKA SHTBDI NEW DELHI Daily 65 Train Schedule
34 12423 DBRT RAJDHANI E DIBRUGARH Daily 64 Train Schedule
35 14002 ATTARI DLI EXP ATARI MO TH 64 Train Schedule
36 12425 JAMMU RAJDHANI NEW DELHI Daily 64 Train Schedule
37 12006 KALKA SHTBDI KALKA Daily 64 Train Schedule
38 12012 KALKA SHTBDI KALKA Daily 64 Train Schedule
39 12016 AJMER SHTBDI AJMER JN Daily 64 Train Schedule

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