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Rules For Online Booking Of Retiring Room

Retiring Rooms Terms and Conditions

There are certain terms and conditions for online booking of retiring rooms through IRCTC Tourism. These are given below.
  • Retiring Room booking is only allowed for valid and confirmed/ RAC PNR Nos.
  • A room/bed can be booked for minimum 12 hrs and maximum 48 hrs.
  • The 12 hrs period from 09 hrs to 21 hrs called as Non-Principal Block. The Non-Principal block can be booked hourly i.e. minimum 3 hrs and beyond.
  • The 12 hrs period from 21 hrs to 09 hrs called as Principal Block. The principal block cannot be booked partially i.e hourly bookings would be not allowed in Principal Block in general.
  • Only one booking can be made on the source and destination for a PNR number.
  • Advance booking can be done as per Advance Reservation periods of PRS tickets.
  • Retiring Room booking is subject to availability on desired location.
  • Booking locations are limited and available on major stations. 
  • You must be minimum 12 yrs to check in to Retiring Room.
  • Failure to check in to the Railways Retiring Room will attract the full cost of stay.
  • In case of increase in tariff, the customer is liable to pay the difference.
  • Guests are solely responsible for their own valuables & belonging.
  • Person making booking is fully responsible & liable to pay any damage incurred to the Retiring Room whatsoever during the time of use of Retiring Room's property.
  • Extra Charge @ 25% will be levied if a room is being booked in single transaction for more than 24 hrs then second and so on assumes as extension of booking of first slot and 25% extra tariff of the second slot and so on will be charged.
  • IRCTC Service Charge of Rs.20/- up to 24 hrs for a Retiring Room and Rs.10/- up to 24 hrs for a Dormitory Bed and of Rs.40/- from 24 hrs to 48 hrs for a Retiring Room and Rs.20/- from 24 hrs to 48 hrs for a Dormitory Bed.Service charges levied is not refundable.
  • Proof of Identity details entered during booking should be matched with the Identity shown at the time of check in , in case It will not match customer would not be allowed to avail the service.
  • Late check-in is allowed up to 1 hour after arrival of the train.
  • The facility available in retiring room may vary from station to station.
  • The complaint regarding air conditioning, room, or other facility need to be verified by station manager for the process of refund.
  • In case of cancellation of train, refund for Retiring Room booking will be processed as per Cancellation/ Auto Cancellation and Amendment Policy.
  • Customer must carry voucher of retiring room booking while check-in.

Accommodation will be provided in following manner:
  1. For one passenger; One Single Bed Room or One Double Bed Room or One Bed in Dormitory can be can allocated.
  2. For two passengers; One Double Bed Room or Two Bed in Dormitory can be allocated.
  3. For three passengers; (one Double Bed Room + One Single Bed Room) or Three Bed in Dormitory can be allocated.
  4. For four passengers; Two Double Bed Room or Four bed in Dormitory can be allocated.
  5. For five passengers; Two Double Bed Room or Five bed in Dormitory can be allocated.
  6. For Six passengers; Two Double Bed Room or Six bed in Dormitory can be allocated.

Cancellation /Amendment Policy
  1. Deduction of 10% on cancellation in advance of 48 hrs of the day of occupation.
  2. Deduction of 50% on cancellation within a period of less than 48 hrs to the day of occupation.
  3. Deduction of 100% on cancellation on the day of occupation.
  4. If more than one room/dormitory is booked and cancellation is being done for few room/ dormitory then cancellation rule a, b and c will be applicable for room/dormitory as per case.
  5. Passenger wise cancellation is not allowed, only Room/Bed wise cancellation is allowed.
Auto Cancellation In case of full cancellation of PRS ticket against which retiring room is already booked then Retiring room bookings would get cancelled automatically within 96 hours of Check-in time as per cancellation rules.

Service Tax @ 12.36% will be levied as per below conditions:
  1. If the tariff of the room/bed is equal or greater than rupees, five hundred for 12 hrs slot then service tax will be applicable.
  2. If the tariff of the room/bed is equal or greater than rupees one thousand for 24 hrs slot then service tax will be applicable.
Disclaimer: For any complaint related to Railways Retiring Room Services, please contact with concerned Railway zone. IRCTC is only facilitating online booking/ cancellation of Railways Retiring Room.


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