Monday, January 4, 2016

Rules For Up-Gradation Of A Ticket

With a view to optimize the utilisation of available accommodation in train, a scheme to upgrade full-fare paying passengers to the higher class without any extra charge against the available vacant accommodation is available in almost Mail/ Express trains. We can opt for the up- gradation of a train ticket during booking as well as during journey.

Following is the summary of rules applicable to the Up-gradation Scheme
  • The passengers are required to give the option for being considered for up-gradation. If no option is given at the time of filling up of requisition form, the same is treated as “yes” and passenger(s) can be considered for up-gradation.
  • The passengers for up-gradation are selected automatically (except in cases where the passenger has shown his unwillingness to be upgraded) on random basis by the System at the time of preparation of reservation charts.
  • All the passengers on a ticket are upgraded together.
  • It is not done for block booking transactions.
  • If a passenger, who has been upgraded, cancels his ticket, cancellation charges of the original class only are payable. It is advisable to avail the facility (by exercising the option in the affirmative) and always to check the status (coach/ berth numbers) before boarding the train.
  • A ticket can be upgraded to a higher class even during journey. Your reserved ticket for a lower class can be upgraded to a higher class for the same train and date, subject to availability of accommodation. The upgrading of accommodation can be done only once on collection of fresh reservation charges and the fare difference. This can also be done during the journey by approaching the Travelling Ticket Examiner.
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