Sunday, September 20, 2015

Separate Line For Women At Railway Reservation Counters

Special Provisions For Women Passengers For Buying Train Tickets

Women get preferential treatment at various instances in our society. Buying train tickets while standing in a queue is one such instance where Ministry of Railways has been providing special facilities to women passengers for conveniently buying train tickets at railway reservation counters. The Ministry has further clarified that following facilities should be provided to the ladies who are buying tickets at railway counters: 

1. At any computerized reservation office in the country, a separate reservation counter should be exclusively reserved for ladies provided the average demand per shift is not less than 120 tickets. 

2. If the exclusive counter for ladies cannot be justified due to less demand of tickets per shift, the requests for train tickets received from ladies should be dealt with along with the reservation requests of the specific categories viz. senior citizen, physically handicapped, ex. MPs, MLAs, accredited journalists, freedom fighters etc. 

3. There are railway reservation offices where separate reservation counters have not been earmarked for ladies and also the locations which have not been computerized. Ladies/ female passengers should not be forced to join the general queues at those reservation offices, rather the ladies should be attended to separately at the same counter as for general passengers. A suitable notice board about the availability of this facility should also be displayed near the reservation counter. To stop the misuse of this facility by unscrupulous elements to block accommodation during opening hours of general and Tatkal reservation, this facility will be made available only from 11:30 hours. 

3. Ladies will be allowed to purchase tickets from these reservation counters whether they are buying tickets for themselves or any other person. However, no male passenger will be allowed to purchase train tickets for ladies from these counters. 

4. As far as separate unreserved ticket counters for ladies are concerned, Ministry of Railways has asked Zonal Railways to assess the demand of separate unreserved ticket counters for ladies and do the needful based on the same.

These provisions will go a long way in solving the problem of women who want to purchase the train tickets for themselves and their families.

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