Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Announcement Of Pre-Recorded Messages In Indian Railways

Pre-Recorded Messages To Be Announced In Running Trains

Pre-recorded announcements are made in trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto Express trains which have public address system. Presently, these announcements are made at the time of departure of train from the train starting station/ intermediate station and also at the time of arrival of the train at intermediate station/ destination.

In order to make the people aware of the various provisions involving the welfare of the passengers as well as Railways, Ministry of Railways has now decided that pre-recorded messages should also be played in all the running trains which have public address systems. The list of announcements is given below:

  • We seek the support of our esteemed travelers in keeping our stations and trains clean. Indian Railways firmly believe that together, we, that is, the Indian Railways and its patrons, can through their joint endeavor successfully to keep the stations clean under the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’.
  • Please do not give Tips (bakshish) to waiters. In case of any demand of Tip by a waiter, please make a complaint to the on-board ticket checking staff. 
  • Smoking and creating nuisance under intoxication is not permissible in the trains. Any passenger found violating this provision is liable to be taken up under extant provisions of law. 
  • Indian Railways provides On-Board Housekeeping Service for cleaning of toilets and compartments on run in trains. You can contact OBSH staff for any cleaning requirement. 
  • Please crush disposable water bottles, provided to you after use or rake it with after the journey so as not to reuse.
  • For their own safety passengers should desist from accepting the food offered by unknown fellow passengers. 
  • As per Railway Act, any person affecting cleanliness & hygiene at Railway premises including trains, Railway tracks and other property belonging to Railways can be penalized with fine up to Rs. 500/-. 
  • Please be familiar with all emergency exist windows location in the coach and follow displayed instructions for its operation. Do not operate emergency windows without valid reason. 
  • Please Dial 182 for security related complaints. 
  • Please dial 138 for any on-board complaint and 139 for train related information.

It has been left to Zonal Railways to add other announcements as they deem fit and also to decide about the number of announcements, their periodicity and time at which these announcements are to be made, so that the passengers are not troubled.

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