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Indian Railways runs SPECIAL TRAINS during SUMMER, WINTER, and FESTIVAL seasons. To know about these types of trains, please CLICK HERE. The following diagram shows a part of the screen.

List Of Special Trains
Screen Showing List Of Special Trains

If you bring your cursor over the train number, for example 00111, then source and destination stations are displayed. At present, there are about 224 special trains. There number varies from time to time. The screen also shows the period for which the trains will operate. You can also search a special train for a particular station by entering station's code/name.

You can also search for heritage trains, fog affected trains, re-scheduled/ cancelled and diverted trains from the same screen.


The running status of a train can be found through National Train Enquiry System. If you CLICK HERE, the following screen is displayed.

National Train Enquiry System

To know the running status of a particular train, enter its name or number in the given box. As you write few digits of the number or alphabets of the name, a list of train will appear as a drop-down list. Select the desired train. After that, enter Journey/ Boarding/ Arrival station and Journey/ Boarding/ Arrival date in the next screen that appears. In the next screen, the running status of the train is displayed, as shown in the following image.

Spot Your Train

You can also click "View full running" to know the complete running status of the train.

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