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Indian Railways offers PREMIUM TATKAL (PT) booking on dynamic pricing. This means that price to be paid for the ticket increases as the number of available seats decreases. Please note that this facility is available on only certain selected trains known as Premium Special Trains.

  • Opening days booking to be allowed on/ after 10:00 hrs.
  • Agents will not be allowed to book tickets in this quota.
  • Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of Premium Tatkal ticket booking is same as Tatkal ticket booking.
  • RAC/ Waitlist Ticket Booking is not allowed
  • Dynamic fare shall be charged for confirmed passengers.
  • No concession shall be applicable in this Quota and child passenger will also be charged with full fare.
  • Only E-tickets will be permitted for booking, I-ticket Booking is not allowed with this Quota.
  • No refund is given to passengers in case of cancellation of confirmed PT quota ticket.
  • At least one passenger should travel with his/ her ID card in original.
  • All rules for tatkal quota booking over internet is applicable to Premium Tatkal quota also.

  • Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of this train will be a maximum of 15 days.
  • Upgradation/ modification shall not be applicable in this train.
  • Waitlist Ticket Booking is not allowed in this train.
  • At least one passenger should travel with his/ her ID card in original
  • Only E-tickets will be permitted for booking in General Quota only, I-ticket Booking is not allowed in this train.
  • Dynamic Fare along with Total fare will be displayed after filling Reservation form. Users must ensure the Fare and Journey Details before proceeding for payment.
  • Vacant berths left at the time of charting will be offered for current booking at current booking counters of train originating stations.
Premium Tatkal (PT) booking is similar to normal Tatkal booking and all the rules of normal Tatkal booking also apply to PT booking except for the factor of dynamic pricing. Dynamic means anything which changes with time. Here in case of PT, the price to be paid for the ticket changes with time according to demand, hence the name Dynamic Pricing. Dynamic fare shall be charged for confirm as well as RAC passengers.

Demand of tickets changes with season, type of train, travel route and other factors. It may happen that price of a Sleeper Class PT ticket is more than First AC or Second AC. In short, the price of PT ticket is decided by demand and supply, as only a small percentage of tickets are available under PT category.

PT ticket once booked cannot be cancelled. This means that no refund is available PT tickets. However, ticket can be cancelled only if the train is cancelled. Children are also required to pay full price. There is no Tatkal/ Ladies/ other quota or concession available for PT tickets.

PT tickets can only be booked through internet by logging into IRCTC website. Agents and other travel agencies are not allowed to book PT tickets. It can also not be booked through Indian Railways booking counters.

You must be fast in selecting the train, filling the passenger details, making online payment and finally booking the ticket in order to avoid dynamic pricing. If you are able to book the tickets at the starting point of time, then ticket will cost less as the effect of dynamic pricing will be minimum.

The need of PT tickets is justified in emergency situations. If one has to travel at short notice then there is no better option than PT booking, even at higher price. Therefore, if possible, we should plan our travel well in advance to avoid such situation and save our hard earned money.

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